Car Accident Lawyer Culver City

Car Accident Attorney Culver City

The lives of innocent people and their loved ones are destroyed on a daily basis in the United States as the result of dangerous, and often times, deadly car accidents. At Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation, our Culver City car accident lawyers have decades of experience successfully representing clients who have been seriously injured in auto accidents. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car crash in Culver City , please contact our firm immediately for a free consultation.

How Can Bob Cohen, the Car Accident Attorney Culver City , help your case?

First, there are three factors that are taken into consideration when making a car accident claim: 1. Liability, that is, who caused the accident and who is legally responsible. 2. Establishing a monetary amount to which you are legally entitled. 3. Determining where to collect the damages for payment of a settlement or damage awards. Following a car accident, the victim may experience severe pain and suffering, loss of wages, impaired physical ability, and countless other serious issues. As an injury victim, you should hold the negligent driver accountable for the serious injuries that they caused. You may be able to recover the maximum monetary compensation for your injuries. In addition to possibly recovering compensation for your physical injuries, if your vehicle was involved in an accident and suffered damages, you may be entitled to compensation for the repair of your vehicle. No matter what your injuries are or how much money you are offered, you should never consider accepting a settlement from an auto insurance company without first discussing it with you auto accident attorney. Contact Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation today to discuss your case with a skilled car accident attorney Bell Gardens .

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